Clark For Sheriff


The son of Ray and Anne Clark of Liberty, Rick grew up in the family furniture business, Clark Furniture.  Rick learned at an early age of what it meant to provide service to customers and how to take care of people. Customer service is the same in a furniture store as it is for an elected official.  It is about providing a valuable service for the least cost.

Rick is a 1985 graduate of Liberty High School. He earned his Bachelor of Science from Clemson University.

In 2003, Rick earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration jointly from Clemson University and the University of South Carolina! He earned his Master's Degree while working as a police officer and later a third shift supervisor at the Clemson University Police Department.

Rick's dedication to higher education and law enforcement will be an example to the deputies of Pickens County.  Rick's unique blend of advanced education, training, being an elected official for over a decade and diverse practical experience definitely qualifies him to be the next Sheriff of Pickens County.

Rick is currently a city councilman in Liberty and former Mayor Pro-tem. Rick is not the normal City Councilman who just attends meetings. You may see Rick on a tractor cutting grass, on a backhoe working with the water department or even helping the guys fix a sewer leak!

One of Rick's projects was the acquisition of a 1.5 million dollar grant for the City of Liberty. The grant was used to update and replace water lines in Liberty. This grant was sought for over five years and was successful after the hard work of everyone involved in the grant project.

This $1.5 million dollar grant shows what can be done with hard work and dedication to the people that you are elected to serve. Many hurdles had to be cleared to get this grant but Rick and the staff at Liberty would not quit until it was completed. This dedication will follow Rick to the Pickens County Sheriff's Office. There are billions of dollars of grant monies made available each and every year, we must have a Sheriff who has practical grant experience to get this money into Pickens County.

From the Governors Mansion to City Hall to your street, Rick is a dedicated public servant. It is this diversity of experience that uniquely qualifies Rick Clark to be the Sheriff of Pickens County. Rick has dedicated his life to public service and getting the job done is what Rick is about. As Sheriff Clark, Rick will instill this sense of dedication into his deputies.

Public Safety/Government Bio

A lifelong resident, Rick is married to the former Tani Ellenburg of Liberty. Rick and Tani made the decision years ago to stay in Pickens County because it is home and they are working to make it a better place.

From supporting local charities to civic involvement, Rick and Tani share the vision of making Pickens County the best and safest place in the State of South Carolina to live and raise a family.

Rick Clark was born and raised in Pickens County and Pickens County will always be home!

Rick & Tani at Speak For A Child
Rick & Tani Donating Blood And Platelets
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